Content_MS-UnternFor more than 45 years, we deliver our clients the technical components made of plastic. In consequence, in the last few years, I’ve made a shift from production by injection of components to the system. Thus, the basis is no longer just sit high value technical component, but rather, a combination of these products through plugging and installation of cables and electrical and mechanical components. The above-average growth is our highly motivated employees, who enjoy continuing professional training. For more than a decade, the second generation, will further enjoy the same quality. The premise of our success are quality, flexibility and remain confident. You trusted and therefore further from the “plastics in the best form”.
As an international supplier of electro-industrial and automotive, we smiled to the idea to set up a factory in a country with low prices. In 2003, we opened in Năsăud (Jud. Bistriţa) a company identical in proportion of 100%. A short-term plan has helped us to be able to start injecting the product after only one year after I started with installation and storage of printed parts with buffer, followed by the construction of a machine shop. At that time I already have the ability to service the resulting shapes by injection.

Meanwhile, countless clients around the country and abroad are supplied by our company identical in Năsăud. Due to the existence of partners nearby, from which we supply is done with electrical cables and electronic components, I was able to build shareholder value that we have in front of customers. The advantages offered by a country with cheap labor force, see interesting effects on the prices in the following areas: Manual/activities that require time, without increasing the batch, injecting the components to be mounted.