Big visit in Nasaud


Pictured (from left to right):
Mrs. Leonte (Director STEWO Plastic Prod), Mr. Dr. Tetsuya Okamura (CEO of Sumitomo Demag plastics machinery), Mr. Stelzer (owner STEWO), Mrs. Bivolaru and Mrs. Codeca (Chorus Engineering) with Mr. Stowasser (sales representative Demag)

To complete the technology upgrade in Nasaud, missing only the new machines for the production. The Romanian site it to receive its first all-electric injection moulding machines. These units have a higher productivity at one’s disposal due to starting up the production faster and shorter cycle times. Because of this reasons a still better quality can guaranteed while technical plastic parts being produced.

STEWO buys the new all-electric injection moulding machines from Sumitomo. Both companies compound a partnership for technology for several years now. From the beginning units from Demag were purchased. The main location in Germany has also had very good experience with these machines. After the subsidiary in Nasaud has very well developed over the past decade, STEWO invests in a complete technology upgrade.

For this reason Mr. Dr. Tetsuya Okamura, CEO of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag plastics machinery had announced to visit STEWO Plastic Prod. In STEWO Romania we were very pleased about the big visit from Japan. Visibly impressed, he settled with his sales representative Mr. Stowasser and two representatives of Chorus Engineering, the customer service of Demag for Romania through the production halls.


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