5 years Crama Veche


2014 October 14 to 18
Friedrichshafen, Germany
Hall B5/ stand B5-5505

To insist 1825 days with one grand performance per year in addition to many small: you may call it tradition. Our Crama Veche celebrates its fifth anniversary. Translated from the Romanian “Crama Veche” means: old rustic restaurant. So a place in which they consumed beer, wine and especially the famous Tuica (brandy) with local specialities. And what have to do a rustic restaurant with plastic processing of Transylvania and German Upper Franconia we tell you now.

Our Crama Veche is a trade fair stand that radiates the rustic flair of a Romanian log cabin with its wooden superstructure and an original decoration. Between design-oriented, modern stands in the hustle and bustle of a trade fair, the Crama Veche in their coziness seems idyllic inviting. A friendly exhibition team welcomes the visitors, invites to try Romanian specialities and takes directly into the world of high-quality technical plastic parts. Framed by wood and traditional touch of Transylvania the precision parts are particularly accentuated. Plastic at its best – the motto of both companies of our STEWO Group present sympathetic competently in the atmosphere of a traditional Chamber. It combines tradtion with far-reaching technical expertise and solution-oriented conception in terms of plastic.

Five years ago, Managing Director Michael Stelzer decided to create a new trade fair stand. However despite many proposals, lacked that certain something what stands marks out from the crowd. Finally the solution was found during a business dinner in Nasaud. Why only want to persuade with words about the advantages of a Romanian production location with project management in Germany? Why, if you can do that also just experienced? And thus was born the Crama Veche as a symbol of professional symbiosis of two such disparate countries and a plastic specialist.
The success of this trade fair concept is right. Since 2009 our STEWO exhibition team could combine business and party and establish a fair tradition at the Crama Veche. At this year’s Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, the Crama veche celebrates its fifth anniversary. With: STEWO Germany and Romania’s team as well as the TZO-Forum (Technology Centre for surfaces) and of course plastic at its best.

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